Surface Pro 4 - Keyboard stops working

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by skman, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Anyone have a SP4 where the keyboard just stopped working? I hadn't used my surface in a while and then one day i tried it and the keyboard stopped working. I've tried different drivers to no avail. I've looked at MS support site and nothing has helped. I've tried a new cover as well but also to no avail.
    One thing I did notice is when i run a trouble shooter on the keyboard the following message pops up..."USB Input Device is an older USB device and might not work with USB 3.0 - Plug the device into an available USB 2.0 port, and click Next. Otherwise click Cancel". I've tried to up the USB 3.0 drivers and that doesn't seem to work either. I'm kind of at wits end and I don't really want to take it into the store.

    any thoughts?


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