Surface Go, a worthy surface 3 successor.

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by kojack, Jul 10, 2018.

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    The Surface Go was on my short list for a replacement for my Surface 3. I wanted something fanless, usb-c charging and a more powerful processor... The Surface Go seemed like the natural replacement... until I spent some time playing with it. As it turns out the 10.8" screen on the surface 3 was a bare minimum for me. The increased resolution on the Go didn't make up for the .8" reduction in size.

    The Surface Pro 6, i5 would have been a great replacement with its 8250u cpu and fanless design but no usb-c knocked it out as I didn't want to deal with separate charging solutions for different devices. Maybe next time around... but I still wanted fanless and usb-c and there aren't many choices out there. I ended up going with an older 1st gen Thinkpad X1 Tablet with an m5 in it. basically a 4.5w tdp limited version of the i5-6300u. Fanless and USB-c charging. Picked it up in the Lenovo outlet store for under $500 with LTE and keyboard cover. They don't last long when they appear though.

    Now if the Surface Pro 7 had a fanless i5 quadcore and usb-c charging with thunderbolt 3. I'll buy it in a heartbeat.
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    Agreed. I'm using it for Office 365, media consumption (Netflix, Emby) and surfing. I'm even doing some light edits using Photoshop CC. Loving this Tablet!
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