Suggestions for a router or access point to match my new laptop?

Discussion in 'Networking and Wireless' started by gweempose, Jun 14, 2019.

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    That’s odd, haven’t seen such an issue since the R7800 beta. Even if clients don’t support HT160 the router simply uses HT80 like normal so it shouldn’t be doing that. I’ve been using HT160 since at least early 2018. FYI you need to use the lower channels ie 36-48 to get HT160 to work. There is no continuous 160 MHz of bandwidth in the 149-165 section so it simply uses HT80 if set to the upper channels.

    9560ac should be compatible with HT160 but there are non HT160 variants, I doubt it’s that. Have you tried updating your router and WiFi drivers on laptops using drivers directly from Intel’s site?

    Just note that HT160 won’t really benefit you unless you do a lot of large LAN transfers to a NAS or have much faster internet speeds. It also can depending on you neighborhood suffer from more interference. So if you don’t get it working with your laptop don’t be too worried.

    As for differences between the 7265ac and 9560ac on HT80, don’t expect night and day differences just because one is newer as the cards are limited by legal power limits and other regulations. The 9560ac when HT160 is enabled should give a huge boost over the 7265ac with transfer speeds hitting ~940 Mbps, which is close to the limit of the Ethernet cable itself. It can actually hit like 1140 Mbps when testing router USB storage but Ethernet is the limiting factor in regular use cases.

    Also those speeds you mention, are you mentioning the Link Rate you see in Windows status or actual file transfers?

    Link Rate is just a theoretical/ideal connection rate at various modulations depending on distance/signal strength, actual speeds will always be lower taking into account various overheads and inefficiencies.

    If you want much faster speeds on regular HT80 you need a 3 antenna WiFi card, ie the Broadcom ones like the Dell branded DW1830. Only thing is you would need to route a third antenna cable in your laptop.
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    You were spot on. The router was running older firmware. I updated it, and HT160 is working perfectly now. My new laptop is able to link at 1.7 Gbps, and I am definitely seeing increased wireless performance. Thanks again for all your help!
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