Static/Sparking Noise HP Envy x360 15cn

Discussion in 'HP' started by aaraa, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Posted this on HP Forums, but their support sucks. I'm hoping this forum is more popular!


    I have an HP Envy x360 Convertible 15-cn0xxx. Since day 1, the top left corner of the keyboard (where AC adapter is) makes a buzzing/static/pop/crackling noises.
    • No, the AC adapter is not connected.
    • No, it's not from the speakers. Test: Put the speaker on mute. Disabled Realtek Driver. No noise in headphones.
    • No, it is not from the fan. I installed a program to turn off the fan temporarily.
    • No, it's not from the harddrive. I have an SSD.
    Contacted HP via chat, and the representative connected to my laptop and made me reinstall the bios and then asked me if the noise still persists and it did. So I was asked to return the laptop for repair.

    When I asked if this is a common issue, he said no.

    Since I am in my return policy and since HP did not bother on sending me a loaner during the repair process, I ordered another laptop and returned the old one back.

    The new one still has the same noise. Went and chatted with support again. They made me reinstall bios with no luck and made me send the laptop in for repair...

    Is this a common issue with the envy series?! 2 laptops in a row with the same problem?! It's funny how the support are issuing return labels and boxes if the bios update is unsuccesful. As if it's a common issue...

    Noise gets worse if switching windows or scrolling...

    Any comments/suggestions?
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    Return it and get an Ideapad 720s or a Dell Inspiron 7000.

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