Star Citizen - Which laptop would suit it best ?

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Nero9937, Feb 14, 2018.

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    Pretty much title.
    I currently own an Alienware 17r2, w/ i7 4720HQ + 980m Premamodded + 16GBs of ram
    Battery died, fans had to be replaced twice, and replaced 180w power adapter to a 330w, to circumvent power throttling. DC in cable burnt and replaced, and thermals are unexceptional. (at least they don't throttle, so there's that)

    I've beaten this laptop to death, overclocked it and ran it to its very limits and is now becoming more of a hassle than a tool.

    I'll soon have tons of disposable income, and would very much like to acquire a laptop that can run Star Citizen in it's current unoptimized form. My Ryzen 7 desktop can do it, with a GTX 780 6GB, but my laptop's CPU and RAM fall significantly short. For reference, SC draws 24GBs of ram at all times, and my baseline usage (background services) falls around 6GB. Running SC comfortably therefore requires no less than 32 GBs of ram.

    I'd be looking for something that can meet the following specsheet

    Minimum 32GB ram - as previously mentioned
    6+ core CPU mandatory (so desktop CPUs, really) - SC pounds on CPUs harder than people expect
    GTX1070+ performance GPU preferred - the ASUS laptop with desktop Ryzen CPU is a strong contender here, but the RX580's performance would become an issue in the long run.

    Size irrelevant, price irrelevant (under 5k would indeed be nice) and must be able to endure 100% load on CPU and GPU without throttling. (yes, Star Citizen does currently bring systems to such loads)

    Does such a laptop exist ? Or Is this just fantasy ?

    Caught in a landslide
    No escape from reality...
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    I would wait until ryzen 2 hits the market and see what happens. Considering what AMD has promised thus far (support for AM 4 socket at least until 2020) and seeing that the Ryzen desktop CPU has been implemented in an Asus notebook already, I'd say wait a little bit.

    Other than that the current P870TM and P750TM have a I7 8700 and MXM cards. Considering that you plan on running on 100% GPU and CPU, I'd be scared sh**less running a notebook with those components like that, but you know what they say, whatever floats your boat.
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    I think an EVOC P870TM1 with a single 1080 will do the job. You can configure it how you like, with the option for Silicon Lottery Binned, Delidded and Tested, Factory Overclocked 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8700K 6 Core-12 Thread Core Processor, 4.7 GHz (HIDevolution Overclocked to 4.9GHz, rated to 5.2GHz) - GUARANTEED Performance (Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut).
    32GB or 64GB 2800MHz RAM.
    Vapor Chamber for the GPU and Premamod.

    If you want something thinner and lighter, might have to wait for the i9 HK cpus (6 core, but 45W+), but by then, might as well wait for Ampere GPU.
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