SSD raid on P-7811FX?

Discussion in 'Gateway and eMachines' started by themanwithsauce, Nov 13, 2018.

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    Bit of a ghost town on here these days (boy it's been a while since the FX was the budget laptop poster child....) but I want to refurbish my old warhorse into a retro/vintage gaming machine and I want to upgrade to an SSD as part of it.

    Now, I'm not saying I will for sure do this, but is it possible to get two identical SSDs and do Raid-0 o them in a similar way to my current 500GBx2 setup I have with WD Blues? A part of me wants to do it to emulate the experience I had when I first got it. You know, for nostalgic purposes. That sweet, sweet moment where your laptop is just drop kicking the desktops left and right at the lan party when loading maps and levels in multiplayer games. And when pulling FPS. And in benchmarks (but this was back when many gamers still ran 6xxx and 7xxx cards...)

    I don't think there's anything weird about the raid controller on the 7811FX but if anyone has any insight I'd appreciate it.

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