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Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by ScuderiaConchiglia, Sep 11, 2007.

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    First, I am not sure if this issue is only present on my FZ190 or if it appears on other models so I am transcribing a portion of a thread Storm and I have been discussing in an FZ only context. I want to see if OTHER folks are experiencing the same issue.

    Pardon the length of this initial message but I want to be sure the entire history of the question is apparent. I have edited out some of the back and forth from the conversation to make this as brief as possible.

    Subsequent to last night's message I have done some further investigation. I have found that the temp1 and temp2 settings do change upon a reboot but NEVER change after that. I've verified this with SpeedFan and the Intel Thermal Analysis tool (which BTW only reports ONE ACPI Temp... i.e. Temp1).

    I let the machine sit overnight in a hibernated state. (Not sleep.) Upon restart the temp1 showed 42c. I rebooted and it was immediately 32c. I used it for a couple of hours. The entire time it read 32c. I rebooted and it was 46C. So again, this number is only being updated at boot time for some odd reason. SpeedFan and Intel TAT both show the same number for this ( they differ of course on the core numbers but I understand why that is, its a know discrepancy in how the two tools calculate the temp.)

    So my rel question is this do ANY of you EVER see temp1 and temp2 change while the machine is running? SpeedFan has a nice chart capability that makes examining this very simple.


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