Spectre x360 (15-ch004na)

Discussion in 'HP' started by PhotographyEnthusiast, Apr 16, 2018 at 7:37 AM.

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    This is my first posting, so apologies if I miss anything that I should be doing.

    I am looking at replacing my ageing laptop (Clevo system from PCSpecialist) that is now just too big, too heavy and the screen is not good enough for what I need it for, otherwise it has been a great workhorse.

    As my profile name suggests I am heavily into photography and as such am looking at laptops with a very high sRGB coverage percentage.

    I have seen the Spectre x360 noted in the thread title on HP's website and have to say that the Vega graphics look like they will fit the bill more than the NVidia for photo editing but also the games that I do play. Nothing heavy.

    I know from reading and watching reviews that the previous Spectre x360 had a near 100% sRGB coverage but have read in a couple of places that the new on has dropped down to the 80's. One such place is here, but I notice that the author has not had any responses and cannot see in the link he gives where he is getting the percentage from.

    WTD Spectre x360 15t 4k but not now, 86%sRGB, lame for a design machine!

    I know it is a new laptop and only just hitting peoples desks etc so not sure if my question can be answered yet. I have tried HP direct and both the people I spoke with did not have a clue what I was on about let alone what the percentage was.

    Thanks for your thoughts

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    Notebookcheck gets about 88% sRBG and 65% Adobe RGB on the 8th gen intel + Nvidia X360. The Screen will be the the same on the Intel G Vega edition. The best consumer option for photography is still the Dell XPS 15 by far for color reproduction (Same screen as the XPS 15 2 in 1 *most likely*). BUT you have to pay the XPS Premium $$ for this benefit. Personally I would shell out for the better screen

    ALSO look at the HP Zbook X360 with its 600 NIT Dreamcolor display if photography is your thing. Will be available in May starting at $1500.


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