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Sony VAIO Screen saver problem

Discussion in 'Sony' started by zmanros63, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. zmanros63

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    Recently purchased Sony VAIO FW140E notebook (running Vista Home Edition) and all is fine except the screen saver will not start.
    I tried to use some JPEG photos for a screen saver slideshow; and the preview feature was fine, but when the set time had passed the screen-saver would not start.
    I attempted to use one of the pre-installed screen savers and none of them would work either.
    The system plays DVDs and displays photos fine, but no response from the screen saver.
    I tried to discuss the matter with a Sony Tech in an on-line chat, but they could not wrap their heads around what I have just typed. I gave up on Sony Tech Support.
    Any assistance would be appreciated...just don't ask me what I already told you-that's what Sony does. Thanks! -Rob

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