[SOLD] FS: Eurocom Tornado F5 – 7700k

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    Eurocom Tornado F5 – 7700k / GTX 1070

    Price: $2200 CAD

    Condition: Used

    Warranty: None

    Reason for sale: Traveling more for work

    Payment: PayPal, eTransfer

    Item location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Shipping: Local pickup, Postal service, UPS, Up to Buyer

    International shipping: No

    Handling time: Ships within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment

    Feedback: None

    Specifications: Eurocom Tornado F5 (aka MSI 16L13)

    I’m unfortunately selling my Eurocom Tornado F5, due to the fact that I am traveling more for work and need something a little lighter and with longer battery life. This has been by far the best notebook I have ever owned. The specs are listed below:

    Unlocked BIOS with 120hz Panel support

    15.6" 1080p 5ms 120hz panel.

    Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB

    Intel Core i7 7700K (De-lidded with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut and Polished BitsPower IHS)

    32GB DDR4 2400 Hz HyperX - 4 x 8GB Modules

    256GB SM961 NVME

    Intel 8265 Wireless

    330W Power Supply

    Windows 10 Pro

    2x Spare Fans

    The notebook was purchased new from Woodzstack in March of 2017, who is a Eurocom retailer on NotebookReview. It is in perfect shape and I will provide any additional pictures and info if requested.

    There honestly isn’t an imperfection anywhere on the notebook that I can see.

    It Has no branding on the lid, just the Eurocom logo on the screen bezel.

    The 7700K has been de-lidded and repasted with Grizzly Conductonaut. The CPU also has a polished BitsPower IHS, which has been repasted with Grizzly Conductonaut as well.

    The GPU has also been repasted with Grizzly Conductonaut. It’s also worth noting that both the CPU and GPU have been tapped around the die to protect the components from liquid metal.

    Both the CPU and GPU heatsink have also been polished.

    With all the liquid metal and polishing, this laptop has fantastic thermals and thus generated some of the best benchmarks in its class. With some “additional” environment cooling I was able to achieve a 17,014 in Fire Strike https://www.3dmark.com/fs/12159717 . This was with my 1070 overclocked and running my 7700K at 5.1GHz. This thing really is a beast! You can check this thread for reference http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/msi-overclockers-lounge.800283/page-8#post-10494944

    It has the CMOS battery mod as well. Those of you who don’t know why that was needed, the CMOS battery was on the back side of the motherboard and required its complete removal to reset the bios if the notebook failed to post. So, this mod moved the battery to the front side where it is accessible by removing the back panel.

    Comes with 2 never used spare fans. The fans are the AB08812HX26DB00 DC12V 0.60A. Which is the popular choice among the Tornado F5 community for replacement fans. I purchased these because some users have had theirs fail in time, so I purchased them just in case. Although my fans seem to be running as healthy as the say they came.

    This notebook as configured on Eurocom’s website is over $3500 CAD. I am asking $2200 CAD. The notebook will be shipped in it’s original box with manuals and driver discs via which ever shipping method the buyer wants.

    Any questions, please feel free to ask.











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    Nice laptop, GL!
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