[SOLD] Alienware M18x Space Black

Discussion in 'Notebooks and Desktops for Sale' started by 3demons, Jun 5, 2011.

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    the reason i didnt explain is because i was shipped to Ft Bragg this past week-(ish), so please dont think i was hiding or something.

    i apologized to the buyer already and i did explain myself. when i did inspect it, there were no scratches cosmetically, and since then, it sat on the table with no one touching it.

    now, the keyboard was my fault. i didnt cause it, but when i inspected the keyboard to see if it worked, i didnt use the shift or control that often (i basically checked all the letters).

    So i apologize if i offended anyone on here, but now i explained myself. The scratch was not there when i checked, and by the looks of the picture, it seemed that the rubber is scratched, not the computer itself,and that definately wasnt there before or done by me.
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