So which panel does the ASUS Strix GL503GE use? (8th Gen Coffee Lake CPU version)

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    Just want to share a few emails to Asus regarding my attempt to find out what screen the above laptop uses. Maybe i'm a stupid noob, maybe someone can correct me, but surely screen information for this model is available?!? Only one screen type is advertised for this model - - but according to customer service they need a serial number from the actual unit..

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    Product Type : Gaming NB
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    Can you please tell me what Screen model that is used for the ASUS Strix GL503GE.

    I'm aware that the Asus GL703GE (the 17 inch version of this laptop) has an Innolux CMN1747, IPS, 17.3, 1920x108. It would be this information for the GL503GE that I am after.

    Thank you.


    Dear ---,

    Thank you for contacting Asus support

    This depends on the SKU/configuration that is purchasd

    In order to check, we would require the serial number

    Kind regards,
    Asus Customer Service
    Asus Technical Support Site:



    I believe the serial number is: GL503GE-EN034T

    If that code is not enough, this is the machine I am looking at -

    I await your response.

    Best regards,


    Dear ---,

    Thank you for contacting Asus support

    That is the model number, we require hte serial number - unique to each unit to see the details of the internals

    Otherwise, the exact LCD is not visible for us

    Kind Regards,



    I don’t own the machine, but I have included the product link to the machine I’m considering buying. There is only one skew for this model. But from what your saying the screen for each machine of the same skew is different..I’m sure this isn’t possible as that would mean millions of different screens. Perhaps you could click on the link I sent, it will only take you a few seconds more to check..

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    Dear ---,

    The number provided is used by our marketing department, we unfortunately cannot check which screen is fitted to the GL503GE-EN034T. I would suggest that you contact the reseller directly, they should be able to check this.

    Alternatively please see if the reseller can provided a S/N of the unit of your choice and we can check all internal components, but we would need the serial number.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Kind Regards,


    I've already tried them (tried them first), but they (scan and overclockers) are unable to check this and directed me to speak to you directly. Oh well, will probably go with MSI as their information is readily available.


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