So me having a broken screen actually worked out for me

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    monday I returned my Alienware 15r4 because of screen issues. It was bad enough they were gonna fix it st my house with a new Tn screen. Last minute I cancelled and did a full return because I was approaching 30 days. My Alienware 15 with 4 years of premium plus coverage (which having Alienware stuff my whole life is a must have for parts and labor) and max parts such as i9 , 32gb ram etc came out to like $4,280.

    Today my account was credited and I was able to get a Alienware 17r5 with the same i9 processor which I love, the full gtx 1080 overclocked.(though i may change it to my settings) 32GB of the 2666mhz ram, one 512GB m.2 system drive for windows pro. And I got the 4K IPS screen with g sync.

    My whole thing was I wanted a ips screen no matter what. I would have preferred a 1440p screen but they only have TN screens and I just don’t like Alienwares TN screens.

    My only concern which I don’t think will be too much of a issue is running all games at 4K. A full 1080 is more then capable of running most 4K games at full settings with no issues. Especially with g sync really just gotta get your FPS in the g sync window and games usually run smooth. Now I just can’t wait to get it to install my Samsung m.2 and Samsung SSD drives. And install all my stuff.

    I would prefer to run my i9 at 4.3ghz. Does anyone have the settings to have it run stable around that speed. I know people have had heat issues but my smaller Alienware 15 ran at 4.8ghz while gaming but not benching. I really would just like to lock it in at just over 4ghz which is fine for gaming with a gtx 1080.

    Anyway my total price was $9 more then my slower 1080max q, with a crap screen and I now have 5 years parts and labor coverage . Also I have to call Alienware tomorrow and they are taking $150 off my price.

    I also have like $300 in dell preferred account reward points. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should get with it? I already have a Alienware mouse. I don’t need the graphics amplifier yet. I guess I’ll just grab games or something unless dell sells that tiny m.2 drive that goes in the m.2 slot that looks like a msata spot. I’m unsure what part number that is though.

    Just a FYI anyone who has bought anything from dell and is within the 30 days you should absolutely do a exchange to take advantage of the extra free year of parts and. Labor coverage if you already have 4 years. I think it ends this week. But it’s worth an exchange to get the free extra year. And since it’s an exchange not like mine which was a new computer , you keep your computer and send it back when you get your new one. I had to wait a week to order my new one

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