Sigmatel HD Audio Driver StereoMix on Windows 10 x64-bit

Discussion in 'Dell' started by skflsdkjfld, Sep 1, 2017.

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    Based on the thread of this link [] and by using the driver spotted there I could finally enable StereoMix on my Windows 10 x64-bit Enterprise on a Dell Latitude D630 notebook.

    What I did:

    First of all, the thread mentions the file "92XXM2-2.inf"; the extension is WRONG. Correct is ".INI".

    1. As I had SigmaTel codec already installed, first a Uninstalled it through Add/Remove Programs;
    2. Restart PC (in my case a Dell Latitude D630 notebook), caring for it not automatically install the old driver again;
    3. Go to Devices Manager and right click "High Definition Audio" or something like that, and click "Update driver";
    4. Click "Search driver on computer";
    5. Choose the folder where you extracted the downloaded file / NEXT;
    6. From here on everything went fine and I even had to restart for STEREOMIX appear on my mixer.

    Now my Devices Manager reads: "SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC (for 64-bit Windows)".

    Already tested Adobe Audition to record a live radio and some audio from YouTube videos!!! All fine!

    Hope this will help others as it helped me.
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