Should i return my TVs and buy again in 6 months?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dab89, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Hi guys

    Wanted to ask some advice. It might be a bit of an obvious question i guess but i've got pretty much 0 knowledge of how the TV market works vs the laptop/computer one.

    Anyway, basic gist of story: helped parents buy 2 TVs v.recently (1-2 weeks ago - still unopened)

    Samsung UE28J4100 28-Inch HD Ready 28 Inch Television (2015 Model) --> purchased for £179, now £171
    Samsung Series 6 JU6400 4K Ultra HD Smart LED 48 Inch TV (2015 Model) --> purchased for £510 now £520.

    However now it turns out that parents will be out of country till about October / November time period quite soon and I watch all my TV on my laptop either way...will the same amount of money be able to get us something quite different in 6/7 months? Or do TVs generally stay the same price for longer than laptops?

    Many thanks for any help / advice

    kind regards
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    There are so many changes happening in the TV world now it's almost guaranteed you will have new choices, less cost for same tech, or much better tech for same cost.

    Considering the deals available during the Holiday season, starting before Black Friday in late November, you could save even more.

    It's a waste of potential to leave those TV's in the box for 6 months any way you look at it. :)
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