Seems like WD is misrepresenting certain 7200 RPM Red drives as 5400 RPM

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    Looks like WD is misrepresenting certain 7200 RPM Red Drives as “5400 RPM Class” both labeling and SMART data wise. First the CMR/SMR mess with the Red NAS drives and now this, hopefully they’re more transparent from now.

    This is quite annoying for those who take it for face value that they’re getting a lower power draw and noise drive...because according to WDs statement the labeling represents “RPM Class” but apparently not in terms of noise/power draw or much context as to what it means in the product brief.

    Performance of a 5400 RPM drive at the power draw of a 7200 RPM drive sounds like the worst of both worlds... haven’t tested these myself so can’t comment on if they actually perform like that.

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