Samsung SM961 (OEM version of 960 Pro) $150 on Newegg

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    Bizzarre there literally is no category a 960 pro is bot slower than an no 920 whatever you are quoting has no link to actual tests

    The 950 is newer

    It is the fastest tested consumer drive its mtbf is much higher but its just a number they make up

    Its true the controller on the hp is similar thr one where the controller is better is the phison something on thr sabrent. It has the fastest sustained write times its cheaper sold under different names I believe seagate also

    I actually have a samsung and the hp they are in different computer's different sizes etc I notice the hp as faster but no big difference.
    Its 970 though
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    I trust Anandtech’s reviews over superficial benchmarks like userbenchmark because they are far more in depth and truly show performance of the drives.

    Here’s the link same as from last post. They compare the EX950 & SX8200 with the 970EVO in many of those tests. Look at all the benchmark pages.

    Here a is a Phison E12 drive that’s similar to the Sabrent, it trades blows with the 970EVO but I wouldn’t say it’s better.

    Sabrent doesn’t even post a TBW that they warranty till.

    MTBF at this point is a joke and is meaningless compared to TBW (Terabytes Written). Even in TBW terms most manufacturers are very conservative so many decent drives can last much longer than rated TBW. Most consumers don’t know any better that’s why some companies only put ridiculously high MTBF numbers and hide the TBW which is the real decider of the SSDs life. You can have the same MTBF but have massively different write endurance. Both the 970 and EX950 have around 600-650 TBW. The MLC based 960 PRO has a warrantied 800TBW. All are TBWs for 1 TB models. In older long term tests Samsung drives generally beat competitors at write endurance far after the warrantied TBW limit was crossed, even beating some of the newer models from competitors because Samsung is much more conservative when setting warranty TBW limits.

    If you really want you can try doing a constant write test, with intermittent data retention checks till the drives die like Tech Report once did for older SATA SSDs, I garuntee you the 950EX will fail before the 960 PRO/SM961 and 970EVO.

    Just because something is newer doesn’t automatically make it better.... The 970EVO is better than the EX950 overall. The EX950 can’t maintain its performance as the drive fills up and has terrible idle to wake latency. The 950’s controller is weak compared to the 970EVO as it can’t reorganize data fast enough in full conditions.

    As for the 960 PRO, it being a MLC drive means it also has low service/recovery time and can maintain performance under full drive conditions also it doesn’t suffer from the idle to wake issue either. Yeah the EX950 may win “empty to near empty drive” tests over the SM961 but over time it can’t maintain its lead abs the drive fills.
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