Samsung laptop recovery from Backup files(init.w01)

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by hnagawin, Aug 1, 2019.

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    I am having some problem in restoring windows from a backup image on a Samsung laptop.
    I have described the issue here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I have a samsung laptop which has dual boot with Ubuntu and windows.
    2. I am trying to recover the windows from the windows recovery image.
    3. The recovery image files(init.w01 files) are on an external hard drive.
    4. Windows recovery backup image is very big in size.
    5. Recovery partition image(factory setting) needs to be replaced with the backup image.
    6. Recovery partition is not big enough for the backup image.
    7. Recovery partition needs to be created on a separate external hard disk.
    8. I have created a bootable recovery partition on an external hard disk.
    9. The image of the recovery partition on the external hard disk needs to be replaced.
    with the backup image.
    10. The recovery partition is getting created at the end sectors of the external hard disk and again not
    big enough to hold the backup image. It is only 1GB in size.
    11. Using EaseUS Partition Master I extended the size of the recovery partition on the external hard drive to 600GB.
    12. When I try to replace the recovery image on the partition with the back up image, I again get the message: "Insufficient free space in Recovery area"
    13. This is because the recovery partition file system is FAT32 and the max size of any single file is 4gb.
    14. I formatted the recovery partition as NTFS but after doing that I cannot boot into the recovery partition since it is a UEFI system.
    15. I tried Rufus to make it bootable but it did not work.

    My options are
    1. Make it NTFS and also make it bootable somehow.
    2. Start the recovery application without booting into it. (Like from Windows if at all this is possible)

    If anyone can help, it would be great.

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    Hi hnagawin, welcome to NBR.

    If you are talking about manual backups made with Samsung Recovery Solution (SRS) then I would recommend to only use it for factory restore, and use a more resilient image backup tool for your manual backups. But of course that's too late now.

    We have much past discussion about SRS here in the Samsung forum, but it's going back years. I am copying two links from our Samsung forum sticky list to get you started. The guide/summary in the 1st link has many links inside it to more detailed SRS discussions. The guide and thread in the 2nd link since became our go-to source for SRS discussions.

    Backing up and re-creating Samsung Recovery Solution
    Guide: Samsung Recovery Solution 6 (SRS6) and Windows 10

    Good luck. Please keep us posted on your progress.
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