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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by schmendrik, Jun 9, 2021.

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    I've not noticed any auras no. I did think I might have had a bit of screen flickering early on, but that was just me using it in a dark room with a tv on in the background throwing my senses off.

    I needed to revert back to my old laptop the other day to do something quickly, plugged it in as the battery was low and the old Dell sure did whir into life, so much so that I'm sure its actually worse than this new one. Granted the XPS runs in max performance mode vs the Sammy's optimised.

    It's definately quieter now compared to how it was out the box, mostly silent as I'm running on the battery alot of the time, even plugged in now its quieter, occasionally spinning up for 30 sec's then calming back down. Out the box its was constant full speed plugged in. I've not really given it a hard time program wise. Ran a few CAD and 3D printing programs without issue, but one of the reasons for upgrading was I seem to be doing alot more video editing, although i've not had any new footage recently to give it a hard time and see what she can do! Not expecting something for nothing though, doing something like that I fully expect it to chime in and spin that fan as best it can, but at the same time as I sit here typing this its providing me with silence which is ultimately what I want from a computer: quiet but able to be powerful when needed.
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    I am 100% with you on that. I ended up moving to an HP desktop computer earlier this year, relegating my old Sammy notebook to backup use. But that's exactly my priority as well: Quiet most of the time, but have the power when I need it.

    I have nothing to contribute about the Galaxy Book Pro. But please carry on the discussion and your postings :)
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    I've just bought a used/returned Galaxy Book Pro 13.3 and am impressed with it. It's amazingly light (885 grammes) and thin and the AMOLED screen is a pleasure to look at. The different fan profiles can be quickly accessed using Fn+F1 (Samsung Settings) or the Fn+F11 shortcut which steps through the fan options (which are Performance, Optimised, Silent and No Fan). The wPrime 1024M times for those four modes are 268s, 315s, 419s and 604s which show the relative effect of the thermal constraints associated with the different fan modes. wPrime 32M takes about 7.6s in all modes. The CPU is the i5-1130G7 although the advertised specs showed it as i5-1135G7 which is slightly faster but has a much higher power rating and likely to perform worse within a thin notebook.

    The maximum power consumption I've observed during some CPU benchmark test is 37W so there's plenty of power headroom if using the supplied 65W charger but the computer will run on any Power Delivery-enabled phone charger which reduces the baggage.

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