Samsung 860 EVO SSD randomly seen by the machine

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    I have Samsung 860 2.5" EVO 1TB SSD in the 2.5" slot replacing the HDD that came with it - the problem is, the machine randomly sees it. The machine is GT80 Titan SLI.

    It apparently has no such issues with an HDD so there is nothing mechanically wrong with the notebook, and since other machines see the SSD, there is nothing wrong mechanically with the (Solid State Disk). When it's seen, it works perfectly, problem is, about 30-40% of the time, upon a boot, it's invisible.

    I will boot and there 2.5" 860 EVO just doesn't show up in the Disk Management tool or anywhere else.

    Bounce it again and there it is. It' about a 50/50 proposition at times.
    Any idea if this a Windows glitch, a driver issue, or what, and why is it so random?

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