Ryzen vs i7 (Mainstream); Threadripper vs i9 (HEDT); X299 vs X399; Xeon vs Epyc

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    that is a yuuuuge hurt for intel.

    my laptop and OS will never be patched so i can compare the performance in terms of IPC per different software when i do get a ryzen rig.

    AMD's biggest leak, if that CB15 score to be true, this is an excellent architectural improvement over zen1 because CB15 only gets like 2-4% max difference from memory OC, rest are all IPC gain which means 10-12% IPC for CB15 seems real. that ST IPC i'd guess be around 190-195, which is still damn amazing already.

    in another news, we have the biggest Intel leak, a performance reduction of up to 40%!! due to security patch.
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    How long has AMD been making APU's now? 10 years? And still, the graphics processing power is on the weak side.
    People buy intel because they want a strong cpu, and they are satisfied with weak intel integrated graphics.
    Seems to me, AMD should offer a product with a low to mid CPU but powerful graphics processing power.

    Recently, I got excited when I read about "chiplets".
    Why can't/won't amd put a 4 core / 8 thread AMD cpu next to a mid-level discrete amd gpu, and both under one cpu cooler?
    I know it's a lot of heat, but there are plenty of aftermarket cpu coolers, and high performance TIM.

    When I go on youtube, I see lots of PC builds for "cheap gaming PC" under $500.
    And I think .... if only AMD made a APU which had enough graphics power to run any modern game at 1080p/60fps.
    People could simply build a mini PC with a APU (and no graphics card) and this would satisfy all their cpu/gpu needs up to 1080p/60fps,
    and at a lower cost (compared to a PC with discrete graphics card).

    Imagine the AsRock Desk mini with a 30W TDP cpu chip and 60W TDP graphics chip, combined into one 90W APU.
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