Ryzen 5 Build

Discussion in 'Desktop Hardware' started by R3v4n, Jul 23, 2019.

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    I ended up going with

    NZXT H400 Case
    Ryzen 5 3600X
    X62 Kraken NZXT 280MM CPU Cooler
    16GB Team Vulcan 3200MHz RAM
    Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse
    B450M Mortar Mobo
    Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 650W
    1TB 860 EVO SSD

    Total came to £950 so right around the original budget.

    Once I found the H400 was totally sold, love how it looks the tempered glass panel is great it looks very clean and modern and it's reviewed to have great air flow.

    I switched to the 3600X because the price of the 3600 went up to £200 and the 3600X has come down to £218 from £240 so seemed like a worthy £18 upgrade.

    Ended up sticking with the B450M mobo for the time being, couldn't find a better mATX alternative right now it's pretty cheap so it's something I can look to upgrade in the next couple years if it becomes a problem. It looks like the only things removed from the ROM for Ryzen 3000 support was support for older CPUs and the graphic UI in the BIOS.

    The Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse was a bit of a Uturn but after bouncing around the RTX 2070 Super and 5700XT I had trouble getting on board with the reference 5700XT it seems to get very hot and be very loud. The 2070 Super I just struggle with the performance bonus more than anything, it's drastically inflated price isn't reflected in the performance it delivers compared to the other 2. The Vega 56 looks very capable at 1080p and at £260 vs £379 for the 5700XT and £475 for the RTX 2070 Super, looks to be by far the better price/performance card.

    I also came across some information where Vega 56's (particularly Vega 56 Pulse) are often undervolted and overclocked and get a further 10%+ performance increase matching\getting very close to even the 5700(non XT) and GTX 1080 (I realise there is a bit of silicon lottery in there) while maintaining very nice temperatures.

    I'll see how it goes though, if the Vega 56 doesn't perform how I hope it will I'll return it and wait for custom coolers on the 5700 and 5700XT and see what happens from there as far as new prices with the custom coolers.
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    The Asus Prime X470-Pro has a 32MB BIOS, and it's not a high end board.
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    Very good system, it should last for years.

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