Returning to NBR, from Macbooks back to PC, now what?

Discussion in 'Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades' started by D3X, May 15, 2019.

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    What do you think about Thinkpads? X1E gen 2 seems to be a good option.
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    I unfortunately not had a chance to work with a Thinkpad in the past 10 years. I was a fan of IBM Thinkpads, and I know there were some build quality issues when Lenovo took over (eg, the palm rest showing wear - yes cosmetic, but still ...). I do not know what the current state is. I have worked with the Dell Precision series for more than 10 years - great build quality.

    Two things I love about the Dell 7530 (over the X1 extreme):
    • The Dell 7530 has 4 sodimm slots (can take up to 128GB of ram) :)
    • The Dell 7530 has a full sized keyboard with the number pad
    • The Dell 7530 has three mouse buttons both on the top and bottom of the trackpad
    The 4 sodimm slots are the biggest advantage.

    The 17" Dell 7730 should also be considered IMHO as it is more like a 15.4" laptop. It handles like the older 15.4" Dell Precision 4800.

    Fantastic deals can be had on Dell Outlet.
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    You actually came back in a good time there quite a few options you can have

    plenty of non upgrade-able 15in laptops

    but on the upgrade-able (pretty pricey) side are new the dell precision, lenovo and hp zbook workstations have mostly upgrade-able parts (not cpu)

    the new dell alienware suppose to bring back full upgrade able laptop but...... not too sure about that

    but clevo based systems are fully upgrade-able, and so far last through multiple cpu generations

    but also a great option is the old ivy bridge/haswell (4core extreme cpu's@ 4ghz) gaming laptops and workstations was power houses that can still hold new gpu's (gtx1070/p5000) and they start off at like 300$ on ebay
    they have reach end of life on cpu and 1080 res but still very capable laptops for good performance/reliable/gaming. and alot off people forgot about those, also replacement parts are very cheap, and lots of playing around with the configs.
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    if you're after upgradeability, then clevo/MSI is the way to go. i wouldnt go after Dell just yet because they old us enthusiasts out and went for thin/light like the rest of the mainstream world, even now their GPU is their own special form factor.

    MSI WT75? up to 8 cores, MXM GPU desktop class, get it through HID/eurocom for unlocked bios to get best out of the machine.

    clevo P870TM-R? up to 8 cores, MXM GPU desktop class, just like the MSI WT75 all socketed but could be end of life unsure at this point what intel's plans are if the future 10 cores would go into the same socket (likely needs mod something u'd have no problem doing im sure).

    both machine up to 128GB of ram, two SATA SSD slots and 2-3 NVMe m.2 slots, both are 17".

    for 15" theres the F5 from eurocom with socketed CPU/GPU.
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