Return or keep Razer Blade 2018

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Return blade for gs65/75, or keep

  1. Return for gs65

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  2. Return for gs75

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  3. Keep blade

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    As title implies.

    Backstory, upgrading from Alienware 17r3, 6700, 32gb ram, 500gb Samsung pro, 1tb Samsung evo m.2, 1tb Samsung evo 2.5, 4k display. Great machine, love it, no faults, still like brand new. Wish I could swap out cpu honestly.

    Reason for upgrade, photo and video editing machine. Photo it's still fantastic, but davinci I can't edit or scrb real time and exponentially long render times.

    based on short time with razer and new cpus, I can edit/scrub real time, and a 10 min long clip takes 10 min to export vs 50 min. So, I've decided it's worthwhile to upgrade.

    Bought a returned 2018 model razer blade advanced, 1060. Got it for $1,000, great deal. Using it, overall great solid feeling device, great battery, screen a bit dimmer than I'm used to. Upgrading from Alienware 17r3, 4k panel. The up arrow, urg, why, but I can deal with it. Overall, really like the blade, despite the single m.2 slot and up arrow.

    But my issue, even with undervolt, cpu during anything heavy sits at 2.9ghz, undervolt reduced temps but they weren't really and issue. I undervolted further, end up bsod, but when able to finish the export before bsod, at 3.2ghz, my export took a little over 8 min.

    Ive seen and read the msi gs65/75 has better luck getting higher multithread frequencies. I'd be willing to deal with non razer build quality, and ok with the flipped mobo and love gaining a second m.2 slot. But msi, even on sale is $1500. For 1660ti, 2060 is $2000/sale $1700 but also has 32gb ram, don't game, but maybe devinchi will take advantage of RTX?

    Reguardless. The decision is to return the blade and get a gs65, and spend 500/1000 more. Or just keep the blade and limited performance. If I didn't get a great deal on blade, it'd be returned by now. But spending and extra $1000.... Just worried saving that money now, will mean upgrading laptop again, sooner.

    Will also add, although its a side job I do get paid for photo/video work. Spending an extra $1000 for better performance is worth while, but again, saving $1000 could be used towards another lens or such. Like sony's upcoming 200-600mm GM.
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