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Discussion in 'HP' started by Emmy, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Emmy

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    Hi all,

    I got my dv8320us (dv8000t range) just over a couple of weeks ago and have started getting really annoying keyboard issues. Unfortunately my 2-week return period is over and can't return the system for a new one, so I'm trying to go through HP. It has to be said that we also bought a dv8330us a couple of days later and it is working flawlessly. Anyway, after submitting my issue via the HP website (and I referred them to this website to see how many people are having problems), here's the response I got:


    Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

    I understand that, you are experiencing issue with the keyboard and the
    touchpad in the notebook.

    Let me explain you the things. These cases where the notebook parts need
    to repaired or replaced are exceptional cases. This happening in your
    case is purely a coincidental. HP conveys to you sincere apologies for
    any inconvenience you may have experienced.

    Yes, we have already come across the issue and it is already escalated
    to our Notebook development team for a BIOS update. You may perform the
    following troubleshooting steps to troubleshoot the issue:

    # Remove all the External Devices attached to the notebook:

    # Reinstall the keyboard drivers:

    1. Press F8 during Startup to access the Startup menu. Ignore any error
    messages that occur.
    2. Choose Safe Mode from the Startup menu and press Enter.
    3. From the Desktop, right-click My Computer and select Properties.
    4. Click the Device Manager tab.
    5. Double-click on Keyboard.
    6. Click the first listed mouse device to highlight it.
    7. Click Remove.
    8. Remove any additional keyboard device listed in the same manner.
    9. Click OK.
    10.Restart the computer.

    # Download and install the following updates:

    BIOS update:

    System Default Settings

    Display Driver

    Touchpad Driver:

    If the issue persists, please complete the information below so we can
    process your request for the mail-in repair service to resolve the issue
    with HP Service Center.

    === Shipping Information ===

    * Full Name:
    * Organization:
    * Mailing Address (No P.O. Boxes):
    * Apartment/Building/Mailstop:
    * City:
    * State:
    * Zip/Postal Code:
    * Phone Number (including area code):

    === Product Information ===

    * Model Number (ex: ze4250, n5441 etc):
    * Product Number (ex: C1234A):
    * Serial Number (ex: US12345678):
    * Purchase Date:

    The Model, Product, and Serial number is located on the bottom of the
    notebook on a white sticker.

    Also review the Service Agreement below and provide your acceptance for
    setting up the service.

    *** Service Agreement ***

    By sending your HP Pavilion Notebook to HP to be repaired, you agree to
    the following conditions:

    It is your responsibility to backup your data. This includes hard
    drives, ROM chips, flash cards, etc. HP Engineers have requested that
    if possible both diagnostics and the recovery be run before sending the
    notebook PC in to service for any reason.

    During the repair process "your hard drive will be re-imaged if it fails
    Quality Assurance testing", and in this event you will not have the
    opportunity to retrieve your data once the repair is complete. All BIOS
    passwords should be removed before shipment. In cases where HP receives
    units with passwords, they will be cleared, but this will delay the
    repair of the unit.

    # What you should send with the notebook PC :

    Include accessories ONLY if it would help the technician determine the
    issue with your unit. This includes PCMCIA cards, floppy, DVD, and
    CD-ROM drives, AC adapters, additional third-party RAM, batteries, sync
    cables, etc. Please do NOT include DVD movies, Software CDs, Music CDs,
    port replicators, mini docks, external monitors, product manuals, or
    carrying cases. Please make a list of any accessories you are sending
    with your unit. Please also include on this note your name,
    phone number, and address, along with your case number and Customer
    Service Order (CSO) number. If any discrepancies are noted at the
    repair center, you will be contacted immediately.

    # Estimated delivery date:

    · Your repair service has an estimated turn around time of 5 to 7 (plus
    additional CQE) business days from when we receive your product at
    our repair center.

    · Once we receive your product we will provide an estimated delivery
    date and order status updates to the e-mail address you provided.

    # Checking the status of your service order:

    · You may check the status of your order by either going to: or by calling HP Customer Care at
    1-800-hpinvent. (1-800-474-6836)

    Once you would provide the requested information, I will forward the
    same to our logistic department. The concern department will create a
    mail in repair service. Once the mail in repair service will create, we
    will be sending you the CSO number and the same to FedEX. FedEX will
    drop off a shipping box at your door step. You have to pack the notebook
    on that box and call FedEX to pick up the notebook. After the mail in
    repair, FedEX will drop off the notebook at your home. If the repair
    center determines that the problem is not covered by your repair
    warranty, you will be contacted by HP.

    Please get back to me with results and above requested information so
    that I could help you further.


    I think it's interesting to note that (a) the email is grammatically incorrect, so I assume a call centre in India is doing the emails (I have dealt with HP support before and 99% of the time I get to an Indian call centre and have to argue before I get through to someone in the US), and (b) they straight away try to persuade me that this is a "one-off" issue and that it's just "unfortunate".

    Anyway, I haven't tried the BIOS updates, so I will try that and see if it makes a difference.

    I'll let you know how this case goes.


  2. hbk

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    Fortunately,having followed some other ppl in this forum's tips,I've already returned my 8000t and got my refund and my new Dell laptop will come tomorrow,hope there will be no problem this again like what the HP's...
  3. Emmy

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    I've had Dell laptops before. They are pretty good, but the build quality still isn't that great. The best build quality was the IBM ThinkPads IMHO, but since they've become Lenovo the quality doesn't seem quite as nice anymore. It's funny - the T40 series laptops were great and even though they were branded IBM, they were made by Lenovo and the quality was excellent. The T60, on the other hand, is branded Lenovo and still made by Lenovo, but the build quality is very poor compared to earlier models. Looks like IBM were previously watching their build quality (since it was branded IBM), and now IBM aren't watching so Lenovo have gone cheap.

    Fujitsu seems to be pretty sturdy, but they seem to be in bed with ATI (only two of their models carry the nVIDIA chipset, and those are only GeForce 6xxx based). One of my main criteria was a graphics card that was at least an nVidia GeForce 7600, and the price had to be reasonable - the dv8000t models provided that.

    I hope I can get a satisfactory resolution to this. Our other laptop (also a dv8000t model) is working perfectly so far.


  4. joeneil

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    I just received a custom 9000t, loaded. The 7,8,9,1,2,3,+, and Enter keys on the numeric key pad DID NOT WORK. QC seems to be awful. I was on hold with Tech Support for 45 minutes, and then spoke to someone who didn't speak English, had to repeat myself constantly, and was put on hold again. Good-by HP, hello Apple!
  5. beachesandmusic

    beachesandmusic Notebook Consultant

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    At least you got a reply. I haven't heard from HP in WEEKS. No matter what I Do, they will just not respond to me at all. I haven't gotten the BBB involved yet, or an attorney, but I may just have to.
  6. jetcity

    jetcity Notebook Consultant

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    I've had my dv9000z for almost three weeks now and haven't experienced any keypad or number pad problems yet... and I use the number pad alot.

    I read all the threads on the dv8000 keyboard problems before I got this and decided to purchase it through Costco just in case any problems pop up in the next six months.

    Hope you all get your problems resolved soon!
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