[Request] How to dissassemble a laptop heatsink

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    Hello all!

    I plan to modify my recently acquired Lenovo Y510p in a few months but for the time being I need to get some planning and reading done.

    My biggest problem thus far is how can I take apart the laptop heatsink without damage to the fin array and the heatpipes themselves? If anyone has seen some material online I could use for reference I would love to see it. I could be using the wrong keywords, but all I can find is articles about cleaning dust and repasting, not what I am needing lol.

    I read somewhere that you can put it in the oven for a while and the fin array will fall from the heatpipes. I am guessing this is not a universal solution and simply trying it out may be risky since heatpipes explode when not cooled.

    Anyways would love to get some ideas kicking around, I am resolute in modding my y510p (again) and later y410p when ever I get one. This could also be used for reference for others that may be interested as well.

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    For future enthusiasts with the same question I suggest oven method but don't go above 325f to decrease risk of thermal expansion
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