Remedy for a serious audio channels imbalance on HP 8570w running Windows 10

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    After I've freshly installed Windows 10 on my HP EliteBook 8570w mid 2017, I noticed a serious audio channels imbalance. The audio of the left channel was approx. 3 dB less than the right channel. The sound was unbearable for me. And there was no audio Control Panel available which could have helped me solving the problem.

    I became frustrated by this very annoying problem and thought it was due to my new but malfunctioning Sennheiser HD 650 headphone. I got the HD 650 replaced but I became confused as the imbalance of the audio channels continued.

    I've read many posts on the Internet by users who were plagued by the same problem after they upgraded to Windows 10. Many suggestions were adressed f.i. disable audio enhancements or reinstall or replace the audio driver.
    Not any suggestion helped me with the right cure.

    Till I read a post by someone (credits go to MichaelMizzell), which could be quickly overlooked, but he came with a very unusual but effective method which proved for me the ultimate remedy for a badly running audiodriver.

    To make a long story short, next steps were required to solve the audio problem of my HP 8570w:

    1. Download the latest IDT High Definition (HD) Audio Driver for Windows 8.1 64-bit for the HP 8570w: sp63916.exe
    2. Now comes the unusual part of it: EXTRACT the content of sp63916.exe into a new folder by using the utility WinRAR or WinZIP or 7-ZIP.
    3. Uninstall the current malfunctioning IDT audio software and driver (both in Configurations>Apps and Device Manager)
    4. Restart your Notebook
    5. Go to the new folder with the EXTRACTED files of sp63916.exe and look after IDTSetup.exe.
    6. Click on IDTSetup.exe and install the audiodriver in compatibility mode!
    7. Restart your Notebook.
    8. Go to the new folder with the EXTRACTED files of sp63916.exe AGAIN and look for the folder WDM. Inside the WDM folder there is a folder Vista. Inside the folder Vista there you'll find the install programm for the SRS Premium Sound control panel: IDTNGUI.exe
    9. Restart your Notebook and disable all audio enhancements (both in Windows audio and SRS control panel)
    10. Restart your Notebook

    Et voilà. Enjoy your music files as it should be.

    The reason why I'm sharing this information: I'm sure the above described unusual method might be applicable for any other HP PC or Notebook with the same audio problem. The method might possibly be applicable for malfunctioning video drivers as well?
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