Reimaging Surface Pro with Windows 10 Enterprise and corporate image?

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by merkman, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Good afternoon all.

    Been a while since I logged into these forums. I've used them in the past for my gaming laptops, both ASUS and now Alienware 17 R3. Love the help I've gotten here, as there seem to be a lot of very smart folks who can answer the tough questions.

    So we use a few Surface Pro's at work. We had 3's, then 4's, and now the new "I'm not a 5" Pro's. Most have been i5 or i7 with 256GB or 512GB of storage, but we had a guy promoted, and I'm trying to image the highest model of Surface Pro with the 1TB of storage.

    For ALL our devices, we have an image on an MDT server. I connect the Surface Dock to the network switch that server uses, plug the Dock into the Surface, turn off the Secure Boot and other security option, disable IPv6 booting, and boot to the network.

    I attempted to reimage the device, but it started to try and wipe and reload the OS, and it failed quickly. Doing a little reading here, it sounds like the 1TB device is actually two 512GB SSD devices in RAID 0. I didn't see any options for the device storage in the limited Surface BIOS. And as I understand it, the Surface Formatting tool doesn't support the 1TB model (aka multiple drives).

    So anyone tried reimaging this latest 1TB device and have any suggestions on how I can reimage to it from my MDT server? Thanks in advance!
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