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    Switching from Windows to Mac for the first time and worried about what apps you may need or what are the alternatives to some of the most popular apps on Windows? This list will help you get started.

    Some are free whilst others are paid but our focus here is on quality apps the actually work!

    - 1Blocker (for blocking ads)

    - Adobe Photoshop Elements (no subscription required like the CS Suite, one time purchase only and has most of the tools you’d need for photo editing)

    - Amphetamine (Helps you keep your Mac and optionally its display awake and never sleep through a simple on/off switch)

    - AppCleaner (FREE tool for removing leftovers when uninstalling an app)

    - Burn (If you want a simple app to burn CDs/DVDs as Audio, video or data discs, this is it, and it's FREE)

    - CheatSheet (When installed, it allows you to hold the "Command" key in any application you're in and quickly see a list of all the available keyboard shortcuts.)

    - ChronoSync (Best app fort syncing files between folders and drives or backing up with one click of a button)

    - dBpoweramp (Audio conversion perfected, effortlessly convert to mp3, FLAC, Apple lossless and more)

    - Downie (The best video downloader for Mac. Period. It's the only one that I tried and integrates with Safari giving you a download button next to the address bar unlike other apps which require you to manually copy/paste the URL into them.)

    - ExpressVPN (The best and fastest VPN that I’ve used and has a 0 logging policy with superb customer service and tech support)

    - Final Cut Pro (Superb Video editor you can use this or Adobe Premiere but this is a one time purchase only not a subscription based license and you might like its interface and features better)

    - Flume (A great Instagram client for Mac OS that allows you to browse Instagram but also gives you the ability to upload photos and videos just like you would on your smartphone)

    - foobar2000 (If you want a simple MP3/Audio player with no frills instead of using iTunes, this is it)

    - iMazing (for easily managing data between my MacBook to the iPhone)

    - iStat Menus (the best app to monitor your MacBook's CPU usage, RAM, Network, etc.)

    - Logic Pro X (complete professional recording studio on the Mac. And it has everything musicians need to go from first note to final master.)

    - Magic Window (Magic Window brings your desktop to life with beautiful slow moving timelapse views for your wallpaper and screen saver.)

    - Magnet (Magnet declutters your screen by snapping windows into organized tiles.)

    - Metadatics (One of the best and easiest to use ID3 Tag Editors, supports batch tag editing and can auto fill the ID3 tag from the File Name "Artist - Song")

    Pastebot (The best Clipboard manager for Mac)

    - Path Finder (the best file manager/replacement for the stock "Finder" app in macOS)

    - PDF Expert (Best PDF reader, editor, and form filler for Mac)

    - PopClip (Superb time saving tools that gives you many options when you highlight text with your mouse like copy/paste/search on YouTube or Google Maps, or IMDB, and much more, I can use my PC almost without touching the keyboard for doing basic functions), be sure to watch this video it's insane how much convince it adds to your daily workflow on a computer)

    - Snagit (simply the best screen capture tool for Mac that allows you to make edits, annotations, add graphics, etc., for easily making illustrated guides and what not, it also has a screen capture mode for recording what you’re doing if you wanna make a video tutorial)

    - SVP [Smooth Video Project] (Best video player for Mac that not only plays any video file format using MVP, but the best thing about it is it can play any video @ 60FPS to give you that buttery smooth effect, makes you wanna re-watch your movies because of how good they look!)

    - Transmission (Best Torrent client for Mac, I’ve tried a few but this has the best UI and features)

    - uBar (great dock replacement app for macOS)

    - WinZIP (can handle almost any compressed file format and was one of the few which integrates into the right click menu for easy compressing/extracting of files)

    - Xee (Simple image viewer that supports easily browsing through your images by swiping up/down or left/right and supports more formats than the built in Preview app in Mac OS)

    Still cannot find any app like IDM (Internet Download Manager) which gives me a "Download" Button for any streaming video that I'm watching, I don't mean the retarded method of copy/pasting the YouTube Video URL and pasting it in the app which is cumbersome, I mean an actual download button to grab the video and that's not only for YouTube, with IDM you can download any video on the web that you're watching; that is a priceless feature.

    I tried Folx Pro and it's horrible. Not only does it not work for capturing anything I was trying to download, when you right click on a YouTube video you get a Download All with Folx context menu entry but all that does is show you 10s of YouTube URLs that mean nothing as you wouldn't know which is the right one and its developer's customer service is appalling.
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    Final Cut Pro X & Logic Pro X are still reasons alone I have a macbook in my laptop collection.
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    Added Burn to the list


    CheatSheet and Flume added to the list, check them out for the description

    foobar added to the list
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