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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by neo100, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Hey folks,

    I'm looking for a new laptop with these requirements:

    I need:
    • Very Low/No noise when browsing, watching movie, doing normal work like MS Office etc.
    • Should not get hot with the above workload, should not feel hot when placed on lap
    • 15", Good display with good amount of brightness ( >= 300 nits for sure), high contrast
    • Smooth Video
    • Good audio
    • Touchscreen will be good but not necessary
    • Light ( < 4lbs , <3.5 lbs will be preferable)
    • Quad core but TDP < 30W preferably ultra low voltage CPU
    • Battery life > 8 hrs with workload as described above
    • Matte screen will be preferable but if glossy then some anti-reflective capabilities desired.
    • Rock solid stability. I don't want to reboot cuz it hangs after waking up or wireless connection keeps breaking. Good driver support. Shouldn't have the kind of wakeup issues people reporting on Dell XPS 15 after few months of use.
    • Price within $2200.
    • Buying in US.
    • Keyboard should not be clackety, no crazy layout like on the LG Gram laptops.

    I don't need:
    • Gaming capabilities
    • High end graphics
    • Massive CPU capabilities
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    Other than the Gram, I can't think of another mainstream 15" notebook under four pounds. You know what you want, which is good, but for every stipulation you have, it knocks off more candidates and I don't think your perfect notebook exists. The T580 is a little over four pounds and checks a lot of your boxes. The UHD screen is gorgeous, but hits the battery hard. The T580 uses two batteries, so you can buy an extra and swap them if you need more time.

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