RBS late 2019 - 3rd party charger issues

Discussion in 'Razer' started by Angrybot, Mar 17, 2020.

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    SUMMARY: My RBS limits its power draw to approximately 1/2 the available capacity of the various 3rd party USB-C chargers that I tested, draining the battery for any additional power needed.

    Chargers tested:
    RAVpower 61W
    RAVpower 90W
    Digipower refuel 60W (battery bank)

    Using a Dell laptop, I verified that the 60 and 61W chargers are capable of delivering their rated amounts. While I didn't load the 90W charger to its maximum, I did observe it providing about 70W of power on the Dell.

    Multiple cables used, no difference observed based on cable.

    RBS battery discharge rate in watts was observed using HWinfo

    Power draw was measured with a USB-C power monitor. Testing was also conducted without the USB-C power monitor to verify that it was not causing the problem. Wwithout it, I observed the same battery discharge rates in HWinfo when stress testing, indicating the power monitor did not have any effect on how much power the RBS drew from the chargers.

    When using the 60W chargers, the RBS drew up to 33W of power. Any more demand caused battery drain.

    When using the 90W chargers, the RBS drew up to 45W of power. Any more demand caused battery drain.

    When using the supplied 100W charger, I observed power draws up to about ~75W, no battery drain.

    This is perplexing... is anyone else seeing this?
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    Interesting I’ll check on my old stealth 65 watt ac adapter, I know it’s draining battery when gaming unlike 100 watt adapter but I didn’t measure max power draw on it, had MacBook Pro 13 power brick as well with similar behavior, unfortunately it’s sold and can’t measure it. Have Razer power Bank that can keep battery not discharging on paperwork and light tasks for around 30 minutes or add extra 15% battery (it’s already wearing I believe), I’ll check power draw on that as well.
    Edit: wait I forgot don’t have the measure rig, power monitor:D
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