RB mid 2019, RZ09-0301, possible to swap keyboard? Shop for keycaps?

Discussion in 'Razer' started by Makyura, Aug 12, 2020.

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    Hello everyone,

    Has anyone ever tried or has some knowledge regarding the possibility to swap a whole keyboard off a RB 2019 to a new one with a different layout?

    Also, is it compatible with the 2018 one which should be the same? Or Synapse would just get crazy? Has anyone tried/can try?

    Long story short, I have a german RB 2019 and I'm fed up with the layout. Keycaps are nowhere to be found so I'm looking into replacing the whole keyboard.

    On a side note: if you have a dead RB 15 with UK/US layout, let me know how much money you'd want to sell me your keycaps! (pretty much symbols and numbers only). If you know a place which sells them, that'd be great too.

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