Razer Blade 15 advanced or Razer Blade Pro?

Discussion in 'Razer' started by Cisco78, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Created a thread in the “what should I buy” section, but very very interested to hear from those who own the new Razer Blade advanced or pro.

    Primary use is gaming, however I’m not a FPS player.... so competitive games like Fortnite etc are not on my radar nor will be... however, I love strategy games like Total War, Xcom etc and immersive games like the long dark. Also a fan of single player games and big titles like Witcher and upcoming cyberpunk 2077. I do have a beast desktop for more demanding options.

    Razer has always had my attention but I’m a bit wary on consistency.... if paying this much I have high expectations. I want something I can fire up on my dinning room table when I have time, something I won’t have to worry that much about (OCing, etc) and something that isn’t a crazy hairdryer. I’m fine with some noise as this can’t be avoided but not something that would dominate the experience.

    I’m also very keen on a great screen, doesn’t have to be OLED 4K, but since I play strategy games want something rich and vibrant.

    I know this is the razer thread and opinions obviously may lean one direction, but really want to hear from folks. Do you enjoy your razer? Meets expectations? Reliable? Fun gaming on?

    This would be my first real true gaming laptop.

    Thank you in advance for the discussion! ;)

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