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    Yeah EC version is v4 so the latest. I self-diagnosed the problem as GPU-throttling, which surprisingly seems to kick-in as low as 78C.

    I've since completed several repastes. It turns out IC Diamond 7 works a treat on these machines, possibly because the heatsinks are crap in terms of chip contact, in particular the GPU heatsink is a terrible design as the heatpipes have gaps in the contact with the GPU, creating air gaps.

    The below is my final results running Firestrike at stock clocks
    - FireStrike score 9358 (QHD+ model @ native resolution)
    - CPU Max Temp 71C
    - GPU Max Temp 73C
    And settings:
    - Heavy pasting of IC Diamond on both CPU and GPU. I started with a pea size blob, but following being a bit more liberal in line with guidance I read elsewhere the temps went down. Substantially better results than Kryonaut.
    - CPU Undervolt 150 on Core/Ring in BIOS
    - Laptop elevated a few inches for fan clearance (about 5-6C diff)
    - CPU Power settings at 99% to prevent boost clocks and associated higher temps
    - ASPM Disabled in BIOS
    - CPU and GPU clocks all stock
    - v2.00 modified BIOS, v4.00 EC
    - Razer Synapse in Cool Mode

    Higher scores over 10K can be achieved with
    - C States Disabled in BIOS
    - RAM overclocking
    - GPU Core/RAM Overclocking
    - CPU power settings 100% to allow boost
    However, all of these settings have serious compromises (either heat, power usage, longevity of components) which are not worth it IMHO.

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