Radeon HD 8750M on Probook 640|Elitebook 840 G1

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    First of all hello everyone.
    I've been trying to find out if this mobile gpu (Radeon HD 8750M) throttling issue has ever been fixed on any of these laptops.
    Undervolting ? Driver or bios update ? Bigger power brick?

    The machines I am talking about:
    Elitebook 840 G1 (Haswell ULV)
    Probook 640 G1 (Haswell M)
    Review that talks about the issue.
    Throttling starts at 72c
    IMG 1
    IMG 2
    It keeps oscilating like crazy.But that seems somewhat justified because of that insane stress test setup.
    But while gaming:
    Was the Probook 640 G1 (Haswell M CPU) affected as well ?

    The Probook 470 G1 (Haswell M CPU) doesn't seem to be affected by throttling even under that crazy stress test. But it's a 17.3 incher.
    Probook 470 G1
    Graph IMG 3

    *I am on a budget and these two laptops are super cheap. Well suited for my needs. I would much prefer the cpu upgradeable Probook, though.
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