R1 GPU Upgrade

Discussion in 'Alienware 17 and M17x' started by killbillur, May 29, 2020.


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    I know this thread has been inactive for some time, but I just received a revelation from Maxware79 in another thread that may help you @killbillur if you still have your laptop.
    For models of the Alienware Ranger that came out of the factory with the 60 Hz screen, the primary display output is set to the iGPU. That's the reason you get the 8 beep error code when the 120 Hz screen is installed. The iGPU is not physically connected to the eDP port that the 120 Hz screen plugs into. You should reinstall your 60 Hz screen so you can boot into windows, then press FN + F5 to manually switch your primary display output to the dGPU. Note you need the Alienware OSD drivers installed to accomplish this.
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    First of all thanks for remembering me and still trying to help Clamibot :rolleyes: I've been dealing with lots of things besides my laptop. I gave it to some repairmans, one of them tried to work my eDP panel with another incompatible laptop I think, I actually warned him but he burnt his laptop's motherboard chips. I don't know if it is still working or not. Maybe he damaged my eDP panel too. He also said maybe this eDP panel is broken and it corrupt my laptop. I don't know maybe he is right, but I remember that eDP panel has got a backlight when I first try to insert it. That's my problem, I couldn't test the components and the cables. I don't know if they came to me working condition or not.

    After that I gave my laptop to another repairman and he managed to work it with my old configuration. You may remember that my laptop was turning on with Dell sign, and after changing the UEFI to Legacy, I couldn't even use my TV's monitor with HDMI. Anyway he said I broke the graphic card's socket and its pins when I tried to replace the cards. I actually was so careful, but I don't know how it happened. He also said I damaged motherboard's feedings (I don't know what they are called in English, maybe supplies or something). He fixed my laptop but he didn't do anything to my old 880M card because sometimes it works, but last week it failed to work again. He's trying to fix it now.

    I don't know what I should do but I probably ship this 1070m card to the seller, he still accepts returns. I actually don't know if it is still working fine but I believe it's working. I'll try my chance. After that I'm planning to buy the same card but the new one of course, 880m GTX, if the repiarman fails to fix my old one. But at the same time this thought about vBIOS change still eats me up because I've never done it before on my laptop. Maybe it was the solution. I don't know, this laptop caused me so many troubles but I'm still thinking what to do.

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