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Quietest Gaming Laptop

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by thegame4ever, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. thegame4ever

    thegame4ever Notebook Enthusiast

    Jan 10, 2011
    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a new laptop, while my Alienware M14x is a beast, the loud noise of the fans are really getting to me, and I'm looking for the quietest gaming laptop that can be bought, this is my main criteria of noise. On we go!

    <span style="color:#646060">What is your budget?</span>

    <span style="color:#646060">What country will you be buying this in?</span>
    Any country, can order from USA etc.

    <span style="color:#646060">What size notebook do you prefer?</span>
    Ultraportable (11 - 12-inch screen)
    Thin and Light (13 - 14-inch screen)

    <span style="color:#646060">Would you consider a refurbished laptop?</span>

    <span style="color:#646060">What are the primary tasks you need this notebook for?</span>
    Web Surfing, Office and Productivity Software, Video Chat and Conference, Movie Streaming and Viewing, Output Video to TV or Large Monitor, Casual Gaming, Graphic Intense 3D Gaming

    <span style="color:#646060">What games will you be playing?</span>
    Any high quality or triple A game.

    <span style="color:#646060">Where will you be using this laptop?</span>
    Will be used different places and Will stay on desk

    <span style="color:#646060">How many hours of battery life do you need?</span>
    3 or more

    <span style="color:#646060">Will you be buying online or in store?</span>
    online or in store

    <span style="color:#646060">Which OS do you prefer?</span>
    Windows 7

    <span style="color:#646060">List the screen resolutions that interest you:</span>
    Standard Resolution (1366 x 768)
    High Resolution (1600 x 900)
    Max Resolution (1920 x 1080)

    <span style="color:#646060">Do you prefer a glossy or matte screen?</span>
    Glossy or Matte is fine

    <span style="color:#646060">Is the laptops design important to you?</span>

    <span style="color:#646060">Approximately what date will you be buying this laptop?</span>
    Around 06/05/2013

    <span style="color:#646060">How long do you want this laptop to last?</span>
    3 years

    <span style="color:#646060">How much storage capacity do you need?</span>
    500 GB

    <span style="color:#646060">Are you interested in SSD for storage?</span>

    <span style="color:#646060">Do you want a built-in optical drive, what type?</span>
    Don't need it, but it's fine if it comes with one.
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