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    I'm new to eGPU's, as I've always have preferred all in one portable solutions meaning I've always had larger laptops. I'm now trying out an HP Spectre 13 with eGPU for my main rig and plan to put it through it's paces. 1065G7 CPU and 16GB memory, TB3 of course

    I've got mine put together and initial testing and I'm wowed by the GPU performance. It's weird having a full desktop graphics card again. I won't get back to working on it until for a while so I wanted to ask a few novice questions of the people who have used them. I tried searching but didn't really find what I was looking for.

    When switching back and forth between eGPU and built-in graphics, do games or other apps gripe about the change? I'm assuming you have to manually adjust the settings back and forth each time which is a little but of a pain. Are there any solutions or tricks that make the transition back and forth easier? The iris graphics are slightly more capable than past ones so I may play some games on it. I even got BL3, Forza Horizon 4 and RDR2(barely) running which in the past either didn't run at all or weren't playable at all.

    Are there any decent solutions to controlling both the RGB of the RazerCore X Chroma case and and Asus GPU? So far I haven't gotten either software to work even individually.

    It seems most agree you should avoid putting peripherals, or at least drives on the eGPU but I wonder if it matters much in my use case. I would never purposefully copy large amounts of data from those drive while I am in game needing the TB3 bandwidth anyway. My CPU simply can't multitask as well as a H or desktop versions. I would much prefer a single connection to the laptop. I guess 2 isn't the end of the world though.

    Upon setup I had so many issues that I about the only thing that did work was running games and benchmarks!

    Here is a laundry list of things I need to work on this weekend, pretty much everything except the keyboard issue is new:

    -Built in keyboard and mouse stopped working a couple times and randomly came back working on their own after dozens of boots and things I tried. Even external KB did not work so maybe it was a USB issue too? Only the touchscreen would work after windows loaded. I did find out later that my Bluetooth mouse still worked which helped in troubleshooting.

    -Audio is choppy, youtube, in game, and windows sounds, internal and external speakers, headset directly off laptop, tried diff drivers and a few other things, hadn't figured out yet.

    -Was having connectivity issues from a USB-C dock on 2nd TB3 port on laptop, which is why I tried below (moving things to the eGPU ports)

    -Can't get some peripherals working through the eGPU ports on back, some do work though

    -Neither Razer Synapse 3 nor the Asus software would recognize anything to control

    -While troubleshooting I found some odd things in device manager missing drivers, unrelated to the eGPU but could be part of other issues I suppose

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