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Discussion in 'Gaming (Software and Graphics Cards)' started by grunnsat, Dec 8, 2007.

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    I'm planning to buy a notebook computer, and one of the main tasks for it will be transcoding video files. That takes a lot of computing power, specially if the main cpu is used, because that isn't really designed for these kind of jobs.

    However I noticed that ATI has the Avivo Video Converter software that uses the computing power of the GPU chip, and that is a much more clever idea since that chip has been designed for these kind of computations.

    The only problem is that I can't find any decent information about the capabilities of this software, just some commercial pages on the ATI web site. So now I would like to ask people in this forum if they can supply me with some information.

    Some things I would like to know are:
    • I suppose Avivo needs special codecs to use the GPU. Are the codecs supplied with the software, and which codecs are supplied (DivX, Xdiv, wmv, etc.)
    • Can these codecs be used by other programs as well (Nero, AVS Media etc.)
    • Do the codecs have settings for quality, resolution, 2-pass coding etc.
    • Are there codecs for high quality audio supplied as well?
    • Is a comprehensive manual supplied with the software (pdf) ?
    • What is the speed of the transcoding compared with a normal modern CPU?

    If you have anything you would like to add, that will be more than welcome.
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