Question/request for HP ZBook 15v G5 owners

Discussion in 'HP' started by soundie, Jun 24, 2020.

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    Hi there

    I'm a professional sound engineer looking to replace my venerable Lenovo T430's for multirack recording of orchestral concerts. The situation of laptops has been getting steadily worse over the years in one niche metric: DPC latency. This is a crucial factor in my field, as to whether a machine can not interrupt the steady throughput of audio data. High DPC latencies from sources like acpi.sys are fixable only in bios or hardware. In my field, forums are littered with soundies and musicians trying to find a model with respectable DPC latency performance, and a lot of people are regretful of their purchases for pro use. After research, I am quietly hopeful of the 15v, especially the lower end CPU models like i5-9300H.

    I was wondering if a kind 15v G5 owner might make a small test for me and report back? It involves installing one small utility that can be easily and cleanly uninstalled: LatencyMon

    The goal for a DPC test is not how the machine performs under stress, but under idle, in a non-power-saving state. This is I believe (based on research and experience) the best way to run a DPC test in this context:
    - Connect to PSU (not on battery power)
    - High Performance or Ultimate Performance power scheme
    - Turn off Wireless LAN
    - No programs or foreground processes running (i.e. just OS at idle)
    - Run LatencyMon for 10 minutes

    Then screenshots of the LatencyMon Main and Drivers tabs are enough to give an meaningful indication. Screenshots and text reports can be helpfully copied to clipboard from the Edit menu.

    Any help in this endless quest would be much appreciated!
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