Question for replacement lcd for ROG GM501 (Best Buy model)

Discussion in 'ASUS Gaming Notebook Forum' started by Steve Wojo, Aug 10, 2018 at 1:36 AM.

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    Hi guys,

    I've been having a difficult time trying to find a replacement lcd for this laptop. Yhave seen a few articles pop up in these forums during my research, and it seems like there are some knowledgeable folks here and was hoping for some advice.

    I was able to see that the model number was an AOU B156HAN04.5 when I took the bezel off and unscrewed the screen. In my searches I have seen some other brands, such as Batel, but I'm not sure the difference in quality. I was also thinking that since I am buying a new lcd that I might try to get an upgrade, but I'm not sure what is compatible. Asus was no help, since replacing the screen on your own voids the warranty.

    I am hoping someone has some advice on a suitable replacement screen for my poor laptop. Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

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