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    Hello there i have a question for the user who own an ASUS G752VS GTX 1070 model, when you moved your laptop from place to place, did the silver plastic paint underneath fall off, as a reviewer reviewed the ASUS G752VS has the silver pain scrape off the bottom, revealing the plastic, this is what he said - I has some of the silver paint scrape off underneath to reveal the black plastic underneath. picture of the scrape - I am sure it would end up looking beat up quite quickly
    Did any of this happen to you own the ASUS G752VS. the model i'm considering of getting is this one - Would any of you recommend it, as i quite like - i like the design, processor, and the easy access and 2 PCIE/NVMe slots.
    What do you think, should i go for the ASUS ROG G752VS? Does the ASUS G752VS have light bleed? if so, how bad?
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