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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Real.Brian.Baer, May 17, 2017.

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    Hello, I am looking at a used Dell Latitude e5520, its got a i5-2410M processor AT 2.30GHz with 4gb ram, and running win 10 enterprise, intel HD3000 graphics.

    I've been doing a little research into this laptop and cant find much on this make and model with the i5-2410m processor, anybody know why? I also find that windows 10 isn't even a supported OS on this laptop .. yet its running windows 10 enterprise edition? WTF? I cant download/update drivers on the dell website with it, because it recognizes the laptop as using windows XP and doesn't allow for me to select windows 10 as the OS, as its listed as not supported on the latitude so confused by this, is there something I can do to help this computer along, with maybe downgrading the OS to a previous version of windows like windows 7 or 8? which do you guys recommend ? it has a fingerprint scanner in which I cannot use, I'm assuming that has something to do with the drivers and or the OS being windows 10 enterprise? and/or BOTH of those factors maybe?

    one more question about the laptop, being its a 15.6 screen, and non-touch, what would you guys think this laptops worth would be? $200? $250? is that a fair price for something in used condition, its got some small ding marks on the top chassis, but nothing major. its fully functional (other than that driver updating/windows OS thing) and seems to be pretty snappy considering. it has a Samsung SSD(128gb) I think like a 920/960/980 one of those, I cant remember ..but yeah, what's everyone's thoughts on this device? worth buying? can it be downgraded in windows to support driver updates and fingerprint scanner use?
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    I'd call this a good used $200 machine without any problem given your description. I'm typing this post on a E5510, and it's been a good old reliable, well built, easy to maintain and repair tank. Mine survived being dumped, new keyboard, more RAM, larger hard drive, and a DVD-RW drive which went in the bay, and it's never let me down since.
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    I'm not sure you can downgrade windows... so if you don't have a way to get windows 7 for free... idk if I'd get it. Definitely wouldn't pay $250 for it.

    Perhaps you could load ubunu 32 bit on it? It's an easy Linux distribution to get used to.

    I assume windows 10 isn't compatible because it only has a 64 bit version IIRC.

    Someone more knowledgeable than me may come around though.
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    Took me a while to understand the words and situation... so wrong in many levels! As a cheapo-Latitude fella (currently using an E5510 as daily computer), I gotta get it straight.
    1. A quick Google search already grabs a lot of details about your CPU, don't you know how to Google? i5 Mobile I5-2410M.html

    2. While the E5520 doesn't officially support Windows 10, hardware-wise it should run it just fine. FYI the E5510 that I'm using right now is running Win 10 Pro which has been activated with the Win 7 Pro key on it, for missing drivers I just use those for Win 7. Even more extreme, my D420 (a 2006 model with Core Duo ULV, yeah 32-bit only) is also running Win 10 Pro with a few Vista drivers installed.

      In your case, simply use the Win 8 drivers, which is the latest OS officially supported. You need to click the "Change OS" link in the driver page to show all available OS.

      And why do I have to put the "official" word in italic? Cause screw it :realmad:

    3. If it has Windows 10 Enterprise installed, chances are OS isn't properly licensed, the seller simply cracked it. Enterprise version isn't available in retail and there's no free upgrade path from older Windows to Win 10 Enterprise. I've been selling refurbished laptops before and I'd never install Win 10 Enterprise, that's pretty much telling others you aren't legit.

      If I were you I'd urge the seller to reinstall Win 10 Pro properly, and remember to tell him the trick, "Use the Win 7 Pro key underneath the laptop to activate Win 10 Pro." IIRC this trick still works as of now, as I've learned recently there was a Win 8 laptop successfully upgraded to Win 10 and activated with the embedded key in the mobo.

      If the seller still refuses to do so I'd immediately look away, even though the spec does sound tempting. Well unless you know how to reinstall and activate Windows, of course. Certainly you can still go back to Windows 7 if you wish, activation may be more complicated though.
    Oh yeah, this machine is 100% 64-bit capable and powerful enough, so install 64-bit OS whenever possible. Honestly $200 is a sweet spot.

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