PS4 and Xbox One - To be a capitalist or not to be a capitalist. That is the question.

Discussion in 'Marketplace FAQ, Rules and Guidelines' started by Codenamefa, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Trolled? LOL. Really now. My friend, you asked for a rule to be considered. Who did you expect to ultimately consider it? You wanted us to arbitrarily impose a new rule based on purely subjective criteria all the while villainizing people who don't live up to your standards of "honor." Point of fact, you failed to make your case and I pointed that out.

    Even if you referenced our rule of disallowing low-balling as a corollary for creating a rule to arbitrarily impose price caps, you would fail in making your case here also. Why? We have the rule against low-balling because the purpose of a market is for a seller to maximize the value of the item they are selling. This isn't a charity or a pay-it-forward op. It's a market. And we have a market here as an alternative for community members so they don't necessarily have to rely on commercial markets to sell their unwanted hardware. But unlike commercial markets which levy a commission and fees to list, here there are no additional fees other than the actual costs of transacting. A thing which helps sellers maximize the value they hope to receive and why many choose to sell here instead of on one of the commercial markets.

    Yes, I used levity, *snarkaliciousness™* and straight shooting in response to your posts. I have little tolerance for the intolerant and those who like to try impose their sensibilities where their sensibility is in direct contradiction to the scope, purpose and spirit of community feature or venue. Moreover, you used a deceptive title because you probably knew your idea wasn't going to fly. So I modified the title by adding to it in an effort to assist readers in discerning what they are possibly in for before clicking.

    And you think I'm the bad guy... [​IMG]

    Otherwise, I'm a really swell dude who would have your back in a fight, lend you a hand when you're in need, give you the shirt off my back if you're cold. OK maybe the last part wasn't exactly true. I hate the cold and being cold. But I'd figure something out to get you warmed up.

    But let's be honest, you deleted your opening post because it was embarrassing. Hey, I've done it a time or two myself. You know, when I didn't think a thing through before posting it. But life goes on and I owned up to my silly and contradictory posts. Sometimes I would go back and elaborate and own up to my faux pas. As a result, I'm now more conscious about making sure I can defend my posts before posting them.

    Pro life tip of the day: <s>if you think someone is trolling you - first consider what trolling actually is, then consider if what you posted necessarily elicits a response from someone with actual influence to affect the change you're asking for.</s> Wait no that's not it. Nevermind that one.

    Pro life tip of the day: Before thinking it's OK to try to impose your sensibilities on a community, consider what it would feel like if someone tried to impose their sensibilities on your community.

    Close enough.
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    AMEN Sir.

    a question to answer the question.

    would you like to be taken advantage of?

    I don't get why people are ripping each other all day, and then all people do is complain about others... this world ain't going to get fixed unless you do what you want to see
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    FYI .... XBOX One is in stock everywhere , seems that it's not popular as the PS4.

    You can get Xbox One for $475 at Target using their RED card.
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