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    As you may know, when you install a color profile for your computer's screen, it's very easy, simple right click on the .icm profile and choose install; but setting that color profile to be the active profile and actually work is a hassle as you see here for example: .

    With the recent update to my Spyder5Elite's software, I noticed that they have a little program called ProfileChoose.exe which allows you to easily change between color profiles or switch back to the default one!

    1) Download ProfileChooser.exe

    Make sure you unblock the file after you download it. For details on how to do this and how to prevent the automatic blocking of downloaded files, follow the guide in this thread: "Are you sure you want to run this file?" [Yes or No]

    2) Right click on the Color Profile (*.icm file) and choose Install.

    3) Now right click on ProfileChooser.exe and choose Run as Administrator

    4) If you don't see any color profiles, click on the radio button which says "all monitor profiles"

    5) Now you will see the newly installed profile, simply clicking on it will switch to that color profile. If you want to go back to the default color profile, choose the sRGB Color Space Profile

    6) You can place a shortcut toe ProfileChooser.exe in your startup folder for it to run automatically when you boot up however you need to switch back to the default profile then back to your desired profile for it to be active. It only takes a second to do that.

    Startup Folder Location: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

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