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Discussion in 'Site Suggestions, Announcements and Guidelines' started by hmscott, Dec 31, 2017.

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    Sometime tonight, in the last few hours, I stopped being able to edit and post replies via my Chrome - an older version for Windows Vista - and I had to start up Firefox to be able to reply / post.

    I did try restarting Chrome and rebooting, neither made a difference.

    Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m
    Firefox Version 52.5.0

    Maybe it happened due to a board update? Did anything new get rolled out tonight?

    Update: I disabled ublock Origin / Privacy Badger, and I can edit again :)

    I'll see what site(s) were added - assuming it was an update to sites for one of those apps, and allow it/then so I can go back to using a full protected Chrome browser.

    Was there a site addition at this end to the interface elements that might have changed and then started been blocked?... I won't have time right now to debug it, but when I do I will post what I found.

    Update 2: rather than a discrete site being blocked it was a new buggy ruleset in one of the lists, it must have auto-updated and that started the problem. I disabled the list in ublock origin by unchecking the list: VIE: ABPVN Listand now I can edit.

    I found it by using the built in log window to find the offending block, I started the ublock log, and clicked Edit, and found the new blocked rule entry:
    buggy ad block rule.jpg
    rule set list with error.JPG

    Update 3: After a couple of days I thought I'd try to update and re-enable the offending filter to see if it's no longer causing a problem, and so far so good. :)
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