Problem with 15 R4 and looking for opinions about Dell Support

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by RevoiretSym, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Hi everyone, hope you could give me some advice
    About a month ago I update the BIOS in the AW 15 R4, everything works okay until a few days ago. I unplugged the battery in order to save battery cycles, but then the laptop suddenly didn't turn on, nor charge, shortly, not power at all. Tried with the very known: unplugged battery and AC, press the Power button 30 secs but didn't work.
    I´m not sure about the BIOS causes the issue, but I´ve seen many users having troubles around it, and I didn't had any unplugging the battery before.
    I've read many posts about the CMOS reset, but no one for this model, so I'd like to know if the 15 R4 has those pins, and if worth the try since my system doesn't show any signals, no lights, no beeps, and I noticed that reach the board is kinda hard. Besides I don't want mess anything if this only can be repaired by warranty techs. This leads to my second doubt, Anyone knows how Dell Support works in cases like this?, specific Premium Support, and maybe outside US? The repair could be have an extra cost, or delivery fees?, my Basic warranty has still 6 months, but I haven't acces to it outside US, and I've hear it's not good anyway

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