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    Any soccer fans here? For all life ever since I was a teen I bought every single FIFA game yearly . The last few years I was underwhelmed with the progress EA has been taking with this game, the updates were very minor and I just felt like I was like subscribed to this game. The gameplay didn't change every year and it still has this kind of easy to get into arcade like feeling.

    I did want to try PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) as I kept hearing good things about its game play and fun factor but one thing that has always steered me away was the licensing issues. They don't even have the team names right due to licensing like Real Madrid is called Real bla bla bla

    So today I finally made the plunge and bought PES 2020 then patched it up using the below guide and now I have all the right team names, players, and licensed stadiums.

    It may seem daunting to do this but if you follow the instructions slowly it's really easy, just needs some patience but is worth every minute spent.

    Any Soccer game fans here?
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    I think the last footy game I played was PES 2006.
    When I started to ask myself why am I playing and yelling at virtual football player saying they can't play football properly, while my fat ass sits in front of the monitor doing nothing... After that I could never play footy on PC again...

    League licensing was a big issue, and I guess still is, for PES. When I last played it, mechanically PES was considered to be a better game than FIFA, but unfortunately PES doesn't have EA money to buy licenses...
    Luckily like you've mentioned, there are mods to fix that.
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