Precision M6800 i7-4900MQ Overclock. Possible?

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    My machine is equipped with i7-4900MQ @2.8GHz (Turbo up to 3.8GHz, stable at 3.2GHz).
    The knowledge I possess about overclocking are at most basic, but as a principle, in my understanding is as it follows:

    -overclocking means to get your CPU to run higher frequencies and stay stable there.
    -in order to do that, most accessible way is to increase the multiplier ratio (as not all cpu have the base clock unlocked)
    -once with frequency increase, the consumption will increase, and the more amps drawn by CPU, the more heat. Hence, it's required to increase the voltage, to provide more power with minimal heat.
    *now, here I don't really understand when the core voltage should be increased and where the core offset voltage should be increased...

    Anyway, the above was introduction.
    I used XTU to try to push a bit my CPU... i didn't want to breach the 4GHz barrier, but rather to "convince" it to run longer without power and current throttling. The disappointing part was that it didn't work... I increased the core voltage a lot (while keeping the voltage control on Adaptive mode), but at best I could only match the initial performance. Most of the time the CPU was performing worse than initial settings...

    I am most sure I am approaching this wrong, therefore it would be pointless for me to give too many details about what I did here. Instead, I would really appreciate some help, to be "guided" how to tackle the overclocking process in order to gain performance improvement.

    Worth mentioning: the CPU never reached thermal throttling and kept between 70-80 celsius.

    Many thanks.

    P.S. - the reason why I don't post this in M6800 owner's thread is to not get a long spammed thread with hundreds of questions from many people... if we keep this thread around overclocking, it will be most useful in the future for anyone looking for this information.
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