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PowerNotebooks Review

Discussion in 'Reseller Feedback Forum' started by Wildride, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Wildride

    Wildride Notebook Consultant

    Jan 18, 2012
    official site - Custom Laptops by PowerNotebooks.com™ - Custom Built Gaming Laptop Computers

    I proudly admit I am a Pain in the A.. customer, especially when it comes to high dollar purchases like houses, auto's and especially a high end mostly gaming notebook. I NEED a house and car I do not NEED a high end notebook so I'm a stickler for getting exactly what I want.

    Donald and the Staff at powernotebooks provided me with exceptional sales service and support throughout the buying process. They were usually there with fairly quick responses to all of my questions, and the worse case scenario's I was provided with an answer by the next business day. Although Donald is sometimes very hard to get in contact with over the phone, his knowledge and email responses helped to offset that.

    The only issues I had were the same as most people here is with the wait time on the new sagers, which is beyond powernotebooks, xotic, malibal or any other resellers control. I originally ordered a PowerPro/MSI 17" and it was shipped out and received extremely fast. I didn't like the SteelSeries keyboard layout so I sent it back but that experience leads me to believe this is simply a new model release issue especially if you ordered the 7970.

    So far I haven't needed any support with the NP9170 so I reserve judgement on customer service and hopefully I will never need them.

    Overall my experience with powernotebooks is very positive and I would highly recommend them for your notebook buying needs.

    Money Saving tip: Check all the vendor websites, Check these forums and verify you have every last available Sager promotion applied to your order.
  2. Mr_Mysterious

    Mr_Mysterious Like...duuuuuude

    Oct 8, 2009
    Good to hear :) You've definitely done your homework when it comes to purchasing a Sager

    Mr. Mysterious
  3. E.Blar

    E.Blar Notebook Deity

    Mar 22, 2012
    Wait, you returned the MSI because you didn't like the KB layout and bought a P170EM instead? The layouts are identical.
  4. jaug1337

    jaug1337 de_dust2

    Nov 2, 2011
    Some would suggest so haha, oh well :)
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